7 Customer Engagement Strategies to Improve Retention
Friday, 5th August from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm IST
Presenter - Nikhil Kumar 
Nikhil is the Chief Evangelist at Exotel, one of India's largest cloud telephony companies. Prior to this, Nikhil was the co-founder of Voyce, a retail customer engagement platform which was acquired by Exotel. Nikhil is also part of the core team at India Stack, an initiative by think tank - iSPIRIT, to help India leapfrog in payments, e-sign, digital locker to name a few.
Key takeaways from the session

1) How to build an effective customer engagement strategy  

2) Top engagement trends for 2016  

3) Must-have tools for any customer engagement strategy

4) Best practices for 2016


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